Water wells


HARSONIC is the only sustainable way to prevent bacterial
induced iron fouling and scaling in boreholes and water
supply systems.

Groundwater often contains Iron, Manganese and Calcium.
Bacterial activity will contribute to the formations of Iron,
Manganese and Calcium deposits. These deposits can
damage pumps and reduce their pumping efficiency and can
block pipelines connected to the wells.

By destruction of the biofilm matrix in which bacteria
propagate, the patented Harsonic device, with permanent
ultrasound treatment, can reduce or even eradicate bacterial
developments in wells. This will reduce deposits that build
up and avoids blockages in wells, pipes and pumps and any
other water related equipment.

Developed to achieve maximum flow capacity, Harsonic also
improves water supply quality and extends the working life
of pumps.

With return of investment of less than 1 year, the affordable
ultrasound solution from Harsonic avoids the bio-film
which is the most effective way to avoid deposits
and minimize iron bacteria contamination.

Save yourself time and money

  • Better water quality
  • No biofilm = less deposit
  • Reduced power consumption due to more open boreholes and pumps working at optimum setpoints
  • Better flow

Without Harsonic

With Harsonic

Harsonic installation on borehole

The only effective device which can avoid biofilm is Harsonic®.
Prevent built up from the very first step.

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