About us

We take pride that Harsonic® is the undisputed leader in the mechanical removal of biofilm and prevention of fouling.

Working  and testing with different ultrasonic brands taught us that there was and is,  a lot on the market which  failed to be effective and to be successful.

Together with our team of engineers we realized to manufacture perfect and powerful ultrasound  devices. But this was not the only thing…  Harsonic® doesn’t only use very powerful ultrasound on the right frequencies, but also has a unique HS technology integrated.  All top cooks have a secret ingredient, Harsonic® has the HS technology which guarantees a good result.

Various university studies prove that Harsonic®  has several advantages which you can find under the page “advantages” as well as under “references”.

During the passed years we specialized in the permanent removal of biofilm in several applications, without any chemicals.   This means saving maintenance, saving money and saving the environment all at once.

At the moment we have a range of multiple Harsonic® devices.