HARSONIC is the only sustainable way to prevent bacterial propagation in livestock drinking lines.

Animals drink more water then they consume food. Nevertheless little
actions are undertaken to guarantee good quality water into the livestock

Biofilm formations in the water network of these stables are the ideal
place for bacterial propagation. Timely chemical cleaning at moments
where these waterlines are out of use is the common way of dealing with
the problem. However, the most nasty bacteria hide themselves in
microcracks or under oxidized biofilm which formed during the chemical
cleaning process.

With return on investment between 3 months and 1 year, the affordable ultrasound solution from Harsonic avoids the bio-film formation which is the most effective way to keep your waterlines clean.

Save yourself time and money

  • Better water quality
  • No biofilm = less deposit
  • Better flow
  • Less illness of the animals
  • Less chemicals
  • Less antibiotics

Harsonic can guarantee you a constant water supply and
tremendous savings on cleaning chemicals and a better
performance of your livestock.

The only effective device which can avoid biofilm is Harsonic®.
Prevent built up from the very first step.

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